terms of play

Fly2Play helps to eliminate gamblers’ unnecessary expenses, if they qualify to play at the casino and meet the conditions. The service we offer does not limit the gaming hours, but you have to play at least 40 hours. After the client’s first visit, the casino checks the gaming record and shares it with us.

To get started, get in touch with us by submitting a form on our website or calling our sales team.  Then choose the date for your trip and makes a down payment of $700 (will be credited to your card once you arrive in LA), then  our representative will reserve an airline ticket and share it with you via e-mail.

Upon your arrival at the casino, we will return the $700 advanced payment to your deposit card,  then you will have to top up the amount by adding $4,300 to the deposit to play at the Casino and be eligible for the Free Trip. All you need to do is to play at the casino according to the terms.

Here are the terms of the game:
Game time:
40 hours
$ 75 — $ 400
$ 75 — $ 300
Caribbean Poker:
$ 50 — $ 300
Puno Banco:
$ 100 — $ 1,000

* The undertaking is for a single person. 2 nights minimum.

* If you do not meet the terms of the game, you will be charged a full fee for the package.